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When you visit our website, you will also pass on your personal information.
Your personal information (that is, the data that can be linked to you) can be treated in two ways: on the one hand, technical data (cookies) used by your computer, browser, web address, cookies, you can also enter your name, availability, or other information if you want to contact us personally (eg when registering or filling in a form) when using the website.
We have created our website so that your personal data can be handled only to the extent necessary to use the services of the website and to your own discretion, while respecting the legal provisions in force. Your personal data will never be transferred to third parties.
Your data, which will be processed in connection with the visit of our website, will not be disclosed except for the automatically generated technical data that is generated by the physically operating Internet server in connection with the website's attendance statistics.
Your data on our web-based customer service, in connection with the visit of the site, is only accessible to our own staff, to the performance of their duties, to the performance of the service you are using, to the question and to the response you receive.
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This brochure contains data protection information relating to the content and formatting of our website. This brochure contains information on the content and formatting of our website, and provides more detailed information on how to read this information.